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Poems – Page 2 – Miriam Felicia Lindberg Memorial Peace Foundation
Sheryl Abbey

The Bannister

Bad Wimpfen, Germany When I grasp the rail rubbed smooth over time as I climb the stairs in the house my grandfather built, I spot my mischievous father late for school grinning gliding his mother yelling Schnell! from the kitchen infused with the nutty scent of linseed oil boiling into Read more…

Judit Frigyesi Niran

Escaping shots

Escaping shots Her wrinkles disappear as she watches the film, shot on her birthday, the ninetieth, spent among friends who persevered in being alive was her childhood really so happy, was it like the brilliance of stars, “look”, she says, “everything falls, exactly like then, we…all…falling” Am I good enough Read more…

Marcia Jacobs


August On the last Sunday in August, when cold winds press against their measured pace, the survivors still come to name the dead.   A hall, spare and simple, is cavernous without you, an empty chair beside me— in case I need to whisper in your ear. Memory is never Read more…

Vera Schaufeld


Completion A life time ago On Klatovy station Sitting on a swing Hearing the old joke “Your Aunty Rudolph and Uncle Else are coming” Small uncle and tall aunt arriving Bringing amazing gifts from distant Berlin A round doll’s house with street lights at its centre, A huge rocking horse Read more…