Holocaust Archives III_ Love After the Holocaust for Generation 3

Over hopscotch squares
It skips.
Over pothole maws
It hops.
Over blue chalk dust
jumps over us.
We Holocaust.
We Generation 1,
We Generation 2.
Then love lands squarely
Its lagger falls on you.

Channah Magori

Channah Zlata Magori (Landgarten) is a second generation. She was born in the U.S. and immigrated to Israel with her family in 1973. Channah isa Creative Arts Therapist- Bibliotherapy/ Poetry Therapy: working with Holocaust survivors, the elderly, special needs children and youth-at-risk. She is a published poet and writer and amother to 5 children and grandmother to 15 grandchildren. Both of her parents, Alter Ya'akov Landgarten and Sala Sara Zylberberg, Holocaust survivors, were born in Dzialoszyce, Poland. Channah's father's family moved to Krakow-then imprisoned in Plaszow. Her mother’s family moved to Lodz, then imprisoned in Auschwitz. Post WWII they married and moved to the U.S.