We Resurface

From the fiery plunge
we resurface
mud people see us
we are the buried blessings.

I’m on the side of the dead
beneath the cracks
and dirty crevices that have
failed to cover our ascent.

Let’s disturb the prophecy
through this drought we climb
ferocious flames mock
your clean cold surfaces.

Memorials glisten
to self-serve their importance
we are the reminders
who burst through the ash.

We were never meant
to be on marble monuments
built to eradicate
your guilt.

Chaya Rosen

Chaya is the daughter of Holocaust survivors who survived the Polish/Ukrainian assaults by escaping the Ghetto of Rohatyn area and hiding in a forest underground for eighteen months. Chaya's parents hid there with her two year old sister and six year old brother. They lost parents, siblings and uncles and aunts who were shot or sent to Belzec concentration camp. Chaya and her twin sister were born December 1945. Chaya's mother gave birth to them by herself in a small cabin while her father went looking for help. Its been said they were the last Jews of Buckchevitz. By the time Chaya's twin sister and Chaya were a year old, thier parents travelled through Ukraine, Germany and France where they boarded an illegal ship to Palestine/Israel. Chaya has written, taught and lectured on the meaning of survival as it relates to the sons and daughters of Shoah experience.