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Players – Miriam Felicia Lindberg Memorial Peace Foundation


Lord of the Universe,
Your players have returned
Ready once again to entertain you
We are not, dear Master, what we used to be
Our numbers are few
Our youth, wrinkled and grey
Yesterday, kings and queens
Today, widows and orphans
And among us, still live the unburied dead
Clamoring to keep the darkness at bay
Hear, Oh Israel, Harken, Oh World
Lest the abyss, engulf us again.

M.A. BenSimcha

M.A, BenSimcha (Alfred Munzer) was born in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. He owes my life to a Dutch-Indonesian family who agreed to hide him as a nine-month old infant. His two sisters were hidden with another family but the family denounced his sisters and they were killed in Auschwitz. His father perished in the Ebensee concentration camp. His mother survived twelve camps.