A Poem for my Mother
You unfathomable
you who wiped our noses
through the years and dried
sad tears
inspired us to the good
in life – it is not to be
taken for granted.
You are round as a mound
good as a bun
you did what you ought to have done
Despair not
but continue your
lighted path, Mother!

Miriam Felicia Lindberg

Miriam Felicia Lindberg (1957 -1975), was only eighteen at the time of her death. She wrote poems in Hebrew, Swedish, English and in French. She was known for her fight against nuclear weapons, her involvement in youth communities, rich creative gifts and intensive work, in spite of her youth, for the cause of Peace in the Middle East and for Israel’s right of existence; for a safe, peaceful world for all of humanity. We remember her not only for her creativity and activity, but for her great soul.


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