Broken clocks of weightéd Time

Make Hist’ry wait, both hands on hold

Severed from the once-divine

Piled mem’ries decompose and mould

A two-faced, heart-dead dog of Hell

Embarks with envy’s enmity

To spread its double-devil smell

Of NAZI and the C.C.P.

It gurgitates the Holocaust

To wish G-d’s children, Jews, not be L10

And sicks the world with Covid’s cost

Hell-bent through viral laxity

For on the left is blood-red pride

That let the bat out of the bag

The other side’s brain-dead and dyed

A golden emblem on its flag

That badge was once a Buddha’s sign

The NAZIs tilted to their end

Five stars are communism’s line

Heaven’s blooms they do not tend L20

It drools neglect on Jew and goy

Its rhetoric makes G-d a runt

Its evil twists from ‘live’ all joy

As dog is ‘god’ spelled back-to-front

When can we cut out genocides

Or careless letting out of germs

When from their signatures there slides

Their evil terms of lice and worms

We must observe, speak truth to power

Make good be known, be heard, be shared L30

Pass through the blocks that make us cower

Push off the weights that keep us scared

Investigate our character

Embolden old nobility

Accept our faults and goods that stir

Accept innate fragility

And know that two green eyes will roll

As two peas into Judgement’s pod

On killing fields in G-d’s control

For all pre-emanates from G-d L40

And so be sure as dawn tames night

Exploding skies will chase and catch

And bury Bad in wealths of light

That human sight can’t fix nor match

And shows of Heaven soft as snow

Will overwhelm our shames and prides

So all froze hurts and all we know

Of heartbreaks and failed genocides

Will melt into that white-out glow