Holocaust Thoughts

[** tomorow is holocaust day here in Israel….being the son a mother who lived miraculously
through 2 years of Aushwitz and being a child born without grandparents –all victims of the
Shoah….i was never really able or willing to grasp it’s unspeakable reality….as of late I am
discovering an inner voice –of poetry —perhaps poetry can help me to try to speak about the
**a scream in the middle of the night another soul leaving her body’s tortured cage
**rage fades into numbness **pain will never have the same meaning
**skeleton eyes sunk into lifeless sighs why? please tell me why
**life and death the thin line separating them disappears
**survival becomes the only option
**Gd —some refused to see You anymore —some couldn’t possibly see how they could live
without You
**Israel young soldiers with guns and young scholars with Holy Books all with smiling eyes
reassuring all of us never again
**people how can they do it to other people?!
this –I will never know nor do I want to